About CIM

The College of Integrative Medicine is dedicated to offering only the highest quality post graduate education and resources available for today's busy integrative healthcare practitioner. By translating the best of science, research, and development into one resource, practitioners are able to transfer a broader knowledge of integrative healthcare into exceptional professional development and practice.

Serving a broad arena of health care professions that include medical physician's, nurse practitioners, physician's assistants, nurses, pharmacists, optometrists, and doctors of chiropractic, among others, the College of Integrative Medicine was born out of a need voiced by practitioners. Our mission is to offer programs, products, and resources that serve to provide quality patient care, outcomes, and collaborative efforts within the integrative healthcare arena.

Among its many resources, the main focus of the College of Integrative Medicine is the CIHP (Certified Integrative Healthcare Practitioner) Certification Program. The CIHP program is designed to help practitioners acquire clinical integrative healthcare knowledge about the nature of illness, healing, and wellness. Practitioners will learn to incorporate evidence-based, safe and ethical integrative therapies through analysis of a comprehensive patient history and physical examination, and interpretation of basic and advanced clinical laboratory tests. The goal of the program is to develop integrative healthcare expertise for the treatment and management of common acute and chronic health conditions. Because some students are new to integrative medicine and others are already practicing IM protocols, the program starts with the basics and builds into a comprehensive platform to ensure that all students are afforded the full concepts of an integrative medicine approach to health care.

With a comprehensive approach to teaching the most up to date research and development within the paradigm of integrative medicine, the College of Integrative Medicine is quickly growing as the number one on line resource for health care professionals interested in integrative health care.