Dr. Wayne Sodano

Director of U.S. Medical Education and Co-Founder.  Dr. Sodano has practiced and taught post graduate programs since 1985.  He is a former instructor with the American Board of Chiropractic Internists, has provided live lectures through the ACA Council on Nutrition, and has written content for other notable distance learning programs. He currently dedicates his time to research and development within the integrative medicine paradigm for College of Integrative Medicine in an effort to maintain CIM's goal of offering cutting edge, clinically relevant information to health care professionals.  Dr. Sodano works closely with his colleagues to support CIM's mission of offering programs, products, and resources that serve to provide quality patient care, outcomes, and collaborative efforts within the integrative healthcare arena.


Catherine Cover Photo
Catherine Sodano

CEO and Co-Founder of Integrative Medicine Health Services, LLC, the parent company of College of Integrative Medicine. Catherine brings 20 years of executive experience with a leading private insurance company in the areas of customer service and human resources along with 6 years of continuing education administration to CIM. She and Dr. Wayne Sodano operated a private practice health care office for 8 years until Dr. Sodano turned his focus toward research and development for teaching purposes in the functional and integrative medicine pardigms.  Catherine assumed the role of handling all aspects of formatting the educational content for student guides and videos and establishing the status as an approved continuing education provider. As CEO of Integrative Medicine Health Services/ CIM, Catherine oversees all facets of administration and decision making for the business. She is also an accomplished artist who enjoys spending time in her studio painting and spending time with family and friends.



Dr. Milton Bastidas

Vice President Dr. Bastidas was born in Colombia and is a graduate of Texas Chiropractic College with additional certification in functional medicine. He is Founder of True Lifelong Wellness Center and has been in practice since 1998 for the treatment of musculo-skeletal conditions, sports injuries, and systemic disorders. Dr. Bastidas brings the connection to his native country and professional career in health care to the College of Integrative Medicine's vision of expanding its programs to Latin American health care providers as well as other international territortories.  As Vice President of the College of Integrative Medicine, Dr. Bastidas has been instrumental in its commitment to leadership and vision of creating a community of like minded health care providers in the Integrative and Functional Medicine arena.  

Ana Baroni     Ana Baroni Luengo, MD, PhD

Director of International Medical Education.   Dr. Baroni serves as bridge between the College of Integrative Medicine and European health agencies, universities, and health care professionals.  Acting as the Director of International Medical Education, Dr. Baroni-Luengo oversees the educational content and delivery of the CIM curriculum for European (Spanish) health care professionals. Dr. Baroni-Luengo's professional background includes a BA in Medicine and Surgery and an MD in Molecular Diagnostics and Occupational Medicine.  She is a  Graduate of Functional Medicine and Genomic (USA) and holds a BA in Information Sciences, Specialty Journalism, and MA's in Medical Evaluation and International Cooperation.  She brings 15 years experience in medical care and management of health resources, 7 years in medical testing in areas of criminal and labor law, and 10 years in applied scientific research in university departments of molecular biology and human genetics with a background that includes studies in Human Physiology, and Pharmacology and Drug Monitoring.  She is accredited by the Canarian Agency for the Evaluation of Educational Quality and Evaluation and a panel expert evaluator member for ANECA (Spanish National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation

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Danielle Wilt

Executive Administrative Assistant.  Danielle has worked with Dr. and Mrs. Sodano at Integrative Medicine Health Services, the parent company of College of Integrative Medicine, since 2005.  She is the liason between students and administration; handling student inquiries, reporting of continuing education credits to National University,  and transcripts to the ACBN for Diplomates of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition.  Danielle also handles various aspects of marketing for CIM in both the social media and live presentation venues.  Her experience in the real estate business and working retail brings valuable experience to CIM.  Danielle spends her spare time enjoying family and friends, horseback riding, and volunteering at a horse rescue farm. 


Paulina Bastidas

International Academic Liaison.  Paulina joined The College of Integrative Medicine in 2016 and is the liaison between CIM and the international entities in which the CIM curriculum is offered.  She is  originally from Medellin, Colombia, where she studied social planning and development from “Universidad Colegio Mayor de Antioquia”.

Paulina moved to the U.S in 2000 and began her career in the health care industry as a marketing representative for an imaging company in a renowned Houston medical center.  This led to Paulina’s interest as a functional medicine advocate and the founding of True Lifelong Wellness Center with her husband, Dr. Milton Bastidas.  In addition to managing the administration of the center, Paulina became a Wellness Advisor and provided nutritional advice and guidance for healthy lifestyles to patients.  She organized functional medicine educational workshops and presentations within the community to teach families how to live healthy lifestyles through nutrition and wellness.

Paulina has three children; Simon, Isabella and Fabian. She is fully bilingual and enjoys exploring different cultures.