What Professionals Say About the College of Integrative Medicine


Dr. Shamim Matin, DC, DABCN, CABSP, CSCS, CIHP

Portland, Oregon


After a lifetime of education, the online program offered by the College of Integrative Medicine has by far been the most valuable academic experience I have ever had. At first I was a little skeptical about the depth and value an online program can offer but was motivated primarily to accumulate more credentials. As the course progressed I found myself constantly inspired from the engrossing information provided in the lectures and would google details of the material to a depth of crystal-clear comprehension. This is something I’ve never had the opportunity to do in normal academia, not only because of the time constraints that come with a didactic classroom but also because it is really easy to simply lose track of blocks of information during a live lecture. I found myself finally understanding concepts and subjects that have been taught to me multiple times in the past but never fully assimilated into intuitive knowledge.And that, I would say, has been the greatest value of this program. It was an extremely in depth and up to date expansion of my entire scientific education, and I now walk out with an intuitive understanding of human health like never before. This allows me to understand health problems to a depth most of my colleagues are incapable of surmising, and solve health problems that have never been solved before.Thank you Dr. Sodano for putting together such a profound and complete program.



Dr. William Haneline, DC, DABCI

Lake Elsinore, CA


In March 2019 a journey that I’d begun in late 2015 culminated with receipt of my certificate as an Integrative Healthcare Practitioner from the College of Integrative Medicine (CIM). Prior to that my training in functional/integrative medicine (F/IM) had been through various seminars and short online courses, supplemented with Google searches in the areas that piqued my interest. Even though that training had excellent sources it always felt like something was missing.  As I progressed through CIM training, I became aware that the “something” was the view of the field as an integrated whole. The final step on the CIM course was the preparation of the Case Study that is required for certification. I had been diligent in progressing through the various modules, but the Case Study brought the whole progression into focus and gave me the feeling that I’d established a basis of foundational knowledge, in that this field leads one into lifelong study.Progressing through the modules was very rewarding and the presentations by the various presenters were excellent. Each module was a nice blend of lectures and graphic materials. Dr. Sodano has a “knack” for taking complex biological and clinical information and distilling it into very comprehensible lessons via his Lesson Guides.My prime reasons for doing the CIM course was for knowing the information that was prevented, and that primarily for the benefit of myself and immediate family. I didn’t have that great a reach to actually practice F/IM but the knowledge that I garnered over that time is prompting me to reach out to individuals with help that otherwise they simply don’t have available; and I find myself taking responsibility in patient care that before would simply have been beneath my level of awareness.I can highly recommend this training for someone who’s looking to excel in the field of F/IM. Over the period of this training I’ve become “addicted” to further basic science study and I amaze myself with my ability to read, learn and apply information from the latest research. And I must credit a lot of this ability to the emphasis that Dr. Sodano has put into the basic science foundations to the clinical applications. It’s an excellent program, the only limiting factor being the diligence one invests in their own perfection. Even so, it can be done at a suitable pace for anyone.


Dr. Dean Kenny, DC, DABCI

Highpoint, NC


I had the privilege of being a student of Dr.Sodano during my postgraduate diplomat in internal medicine and would always look forward to his lectures. Dr. Sodano has a genuine concern for our profession and for his students to be able to stand "Toe to Toe" as I remember the late Dr. Kessinger often said. The course of instruction can be overwhelming but Dr. Sodano brought application from his experience as a practicing physician to his instruction. We are fortunate in our profession to have the dedication of extremely capable physicians like Dr.Sodano that continue to sacrifice their time and efforts to others. 


Elise Phipps, Yoga Master



I registered for the College of Integrative Medicine’s (CIM) Certified Integrative Healthcare Practitioner program originally to help heal myself, not expecting to be moved to incorporate everything I learned to heal others.  In the process of completing the program and learning the depth and complexity of what true individualized and whole healing treatment encompasses, I realized I had been given an incredible gift from Dr. Sodano & Dr. Gant of the knowledge to heal others and it was impossible for me not to share. Since completing CIM’s comprehensive curriculum I have developed my own genetic analysis software tool and have helped many clients understand and heal the root cause of their health issues. I revisit the program's material constantly and each time I go back I learn more.  CIM has helped me find my purpose in life, what all of us aim for, to heal and uplift others. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities CIM has afforded me.  

Dr Ehab Mohammed, ND

Grimsby, Ontario


"High recommended"

Dr. Elena Morreale, DC

Tampa, Florida

"Highly recommended! Great clinical information." 

Dr. Elizabeth Carter, DC

Malvern, PA


"The people that are part of the college are all extremely fine people and the material that is available is useful. Great service to the industry and keeping standards."



Glen Cove, NY


"I have found the course material and information provided through the College to be of real benefit and would recommend this educational service without reservation."


Dr. Brian Garrett, DC

San Diego, CA


"When you need real health, you need integrative medicine, you can learn it here!!"