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Thank you for visiting CIM.  As the the fastest growing leader in on-line Integrative and Functional Medicine education today, CIM is committed to helping doctors expand their practices and move them toward becoming the primary integrative medicine practitioner in their community.  Earning a Certification or Master's Degree in integrative medicine  has never been more convenient or universal in scope.   We do more than just teach integrative medicine.  We show our doctors how to apply it in practice.


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Affordable, Cost Effective, & Flexible.  Whether you choose CIM's Certification Program or the Master of Integrative and Functional Medicine, you will find that CIM offers the most cost effective comprehensive integrative and functional medicine program(s) available.  Unlike comparable programs that average $31K - $53K, there are no holding fees, application fees, or otherwise hidden costs.  We understand the expenses of running a practice so we offer affordable interest free payment plans. Learning on-line means that you don't have to close your practice, pay for airfare, hotels, or other expenses.  You control when you learn with 24/7 unlimited access and without worry about completion deadlines.

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All students receive a free subscription ($540 annual value) to CIM's Clinical Reference Library which is packed with hundreds of treatment protocols, interactive patient management tools, case presentations, and more. 


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CIM is an approved continuing education provider for the American Clinical Board of Nutrition, who is accredited through the National Commission for Certifying Agencies and recognized by the ACA. Earn your Master's or Certified Integrative Health Care Practitioner Certification through CIM and your Diplomate in Nutrition from the ACBN.  Continuing Education is applied for through National University of Health Sciences for DCs in most US states that allow online continuing education.  Applications are pending for CE of other disciplines.

For more information on the American Clinical Board of Nutrition Diplomate Board Examination requirements visit: www.ACBN.org



 What Health Care Professionals are Saying About CIM

Dr. Matin

After a lifetime of education, the online program offered by the College of Integrative Medicine has by far been the most valuable academic experience I have ever had. At first I was a little skeptical about the depth and value an online program can offer but was motivated primarily to accumulate more credentials. As the course progressed I found myself constantly inspired from the engrossing information provided in the lectures and would google details of the material to a depth of crystal-clear comprehension. This is something I’ve never had the opportunity to do in normal academia, not only because of the time constraints that come with a didactic classroom but also because it is really easy to simply lose track of blocks of information during a live lecture. I found myself finally understanding concepts and subjects that have been taught to me multiple times in the past but never fully assimilated into intuitive knowledge.

And that, I would say, has been the greatest value of this program. It was an extremely in depth and up to date expansion of my entire scientific education, and I now walk out with an intuitive understanding of human health like never before. This allows me to understand health problems to a depth most of my colleagues are incapable of surmising, and solve health problems that have never been solved before.

Thank you Dr. Sodano for putting together such a profound and complete program.

Sincerely,  Dr. Shamim Matin DC, DABCN, DACBSP, CSCS, CIHP


 Dr. BastidasI had the privilege of being a student of Dr.Sodano during my postgraduate diplomat in internal medicine and would always look forward to his lectures. Dr. Sodano has a genuine concern for our profession and for his students to be able to stand "Toe to Toe" as I remember the late Dr. Kessinger often said. The course of instruction can be overwhelming but Dr. Sodano brought application from his experience as a practicing physician to his instruction. We are fortunate in our profession to have the dedication of extremely capable physicians like Dr.Sodano that continue to sacrifice their time and efforts to others. ~ Dean Kenny, DC, DABCI 



Dr. Bastidas

I registered for the College of Integrative Medicine’s (CIM) Certified Integrative Healthcare Practitioner program originally to help heal myself, not expecting to be moved to incorporate everything I learned to heal others.  In the process of completing the program and learning the depth and complexity of what true individualized and whole healing treatment encompasses, I realized I had been given an incredible gift from Dr. Sodano & Dr. Gant of the knowledge to heal others and it was impossible for me not to share. 

Since completing CIM’s comprehensive curriculum I have developed my own genetic analysis software tool and have helped many clients understand and heal the root cause of their health issues. I revisit the program's material constantly and each time I go back I learn more.  CIM has helped me find my purpose in life, what all of us aim for, to heal and uplift others. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities CIM has afforded me.  ~ Elise Phipps, Yoga Master, Personal Health Advocate





What attendees are saying about Dr. Sodano's Live Lectures:

Nathan Ranga, MD Gastroenterologist

Charles Campbell, DC Chiropractor

Tamyra Compeaux, MD Gynecologist

Kathleen Perry, DC Chiropractor

Mary Ann McFall, NP Nurse Practitioner


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Dr. Wayne Sodano talks about biochemical individuality, epigenetics, personalized and nutritional medicine and how the College of Integrative Medicine guides health care practitioners in establishing a successful Integrative and Functional Medicine practice.




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Want access to a world-class reference library, curated by our expert instructors? The 'bookshelves' include Research Articles, Case Histories, Treatment Protocols, and hundreds of essential Patient Management Tools.   

Not ready to enroll and would just like access to the library?  A Library Subscription Only is available. Simply add it to your Cart for $45 monthly and begin exploring immediately!

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As an approved continuing education provider with the American Clinical Board of Nutrition the College of Integrative Medicine is dedicated to preparing you for the ACBN Diplomate board examination through our Certified Integrative Health Care Practitioner program.  You will find many resources on the ACBN website (ACBN.org) to help prepare you for the exam.  To help you get an idea of what to expect with the exam we have included a SAMPLE ACBN EXAM here.